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Last Spring it was such a great honour to be finally visiting the Findhorn Ecovillage for the first time. I had read ‘The Magic of Findhorn’ as an avid teenager seeking affirmation of my spiritual connection to the land, and here I was 44 years later being shown round the gardens by Jonathan Caddy, present Chair of the Findhorn Hinterland Trust and one of the sons of the community’s founders.  It is an awe-inspiring place and combines my interests in Nature, Spirituality, Community and Architecture for the people by the people, all in relative harmony with the other-than-human occupants of the land. 

I felt doubly fortunate too, as I had been invited to deliver my Forest Bathing (or Shinrin Yoku) training here at Findhorn and I felt very excited to be connecting with the wild energy here in NE Scotland having driven up past snowy Cairngorm peaks in late May. The sun shone for the whole of our stay, and many of our students went for a dip in the North Sea.

Shinrin Yoku translates as ‘Forest bath or shower’ and originates from Japan, but the principles are universal, and the research is proving that spending time contemplating our place in Nature with all our senses has some remarkable health benefits, and no nasty side effects. Even a short two hour walk in the woods can really enhance the immune system and reduce blood pressure and anxiety.

My first night at Findhorn was spent sleeping in the woods near the Hinterland Woodland Shelter listening to the owls calling and the denizens of the night whilst being gently held by the pines and the distant sound of the sea across the dunes.

Our first day’s training was held at the Hinterland, and it was perfect for our purposes to explore these stands of conifers, the new growth trees and shrubs, and finally to have lunch deep in the sandy bowl of the dunes and all the diverse plant and animal life that found shelter from the wind in these sun trap hollows. The ecology around these marginal areas is so rich and unique, and I think one of the most abiding and striking aspects of this visit was the realisation that Nature is big out here, there’s a lot of space for Nature, in fact it feels like Nature comes first and humans second which is how it should be really.

It’s deep winter and I am now looking forward with joy and affection to next May when we hope to once again be back amongst the wild tracks and sandy woods looked after so well by the Findhorn Hinterland Trust with our 3 day training course.  Further information is in the flyer that follows- doo join us if you feel inspired.

Stefan Batorijs

Founder and Director of Nature and Therapy UK

Forest Bathing/ Shinrin Yoku Training 27th-29th May 2023

Nature and Therapy UK would like to invite you to join us in the magical surroundings of the Park Ecovillage Findhorn for our 3-day Accredited Shinrin Yoku Basic Training Course.

Shinrin Yoku literally translates from the Japanese as ‘Forest-bath’ or ‘shower’ but we like to think of it as a complete immersion of all the senses in the rich, sensory and mythical realms of the Forest. Recent research has demonstrated a vast array of healing benefits from these slow, mindful excursions with the trees. 

Nature and Therapy UK have been leading Accredited Forest Bathing Training courses for 6 years, and our students come from all over the world.

Our three stage training allows practitioners to progress at their own pace. The courses are led by Founder and Director Stefan Batorijs, an experienced Psychotherapist, Lecturer and Spiritual Ecologist with over 25 years’ experience in working therapeutically with groups and individuals in Nature. 

Our courses explain the science behind forest bathing alongside practical and spiritual practices that emphasise an experiential way of learning. They are for those who wish to deepen their own understanding and relationship with Nature in order to support and guide others to discover their own personal connection and healing in the woods.

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