Chainsaw Training Courses and Other Activities

Chainsaw Training Courses

This weekend will see the start of the first training course for four Findhorn Hinterland Group members (Eian Smith, Thomas George, Derek Simpson and Maren Koopmann) which is being funded through the Forestry for All grant scheme and run by Malcolm Moore of Treewise.  This programme of training is to make sure that everyone cutting in the woods has a nationally recognised certificate of competency for saw work and is covered by the group’s insurance.  In return for the training the candidates will commit to doing sixteen hours of work in the woods a year which means that much needed thinning work can effectively be carried out and wood for the community group’s fuel wood venture can be produced and supplied more efficiently.  Later in the year there will be further training for another six people. (Craig Gibsone, Alain Barerre, Jonathan Caddy and Rolf Iverson at a basic level and Em Magenta and Kajedo Wanderer at intermediate level.)

The candidates for this first training will be using the Foundation’s Maintenance building for inside bench and discussion work but much of the time they will be outside practicing felling.  This will most probably take place in the woodland compartment to the north of Pineridge but may happen in other compartments too.  Warning tape and signs will be up so please take notice of them and stay away from these areas of wood at these times. The five day course will be starting this weekend, 30-31st January, and run on the 6-7th February and the 20th February with assessment days on the 21st February and Saturday the 27th February.  Times will be from 8.30am until 3.30pm.

Forest Gym

This was well attended last week and is being promoted as a regular feature for an hour from 3 to 4pm on Thursdays.  It was good to see some children, one or two babies, a few dogs as well as a range of adults out being sociable and getting some exercise whilst stacking wood and clearing branches.  Do come and join us, the more the merrier!  There was a little confusion as to where people need to meet; behind Jonathan Caddy’s house at Bagend by the tractor and Hinterland tool shed.  A note will be left on the shed whiteboard to say where we are if you come late.

Saturday Work Party

There will be the regular Hinterland Work Party from 10am to 12 noon this Saturday.   We will most probably also be stacking and clearing in the woods as the sooner wood gets up off the forest floor the sooner it will be drying for next year’s wood fuel.  Come along and see how the woodland is being transformed.  Meet at the tool shed at ten.

Jonathan Caddy for the Findhorn Hinterland Group

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