Wood Fuel

Managing windblown timber and thinning to create diversity in the woodland area as set out in the Findhorn Hinterland Trust (FHT) Management Plan creates the possibility of producing firewood for local people with many local benefits.  This work is carried out by volunteers creating fuel with one of the lowest carbon footprints and providing ongoing income to the Trust for its conservation work.


The logistics of producing firewood from the thirty acre Wilkies Wood are quite complicated involving volunteer work parties, specialist training, grant funding, a wood co-operative owning a tractor and obtaining suitable insurance.   The details of how this operation works are set out in the ‘How Hinterland Fuelwood Supply Works’ section.

Multiple Benefits

What is important is that the whole operation produces a host of positive benefits;
  • building community
  • clearing land for fire breaks,
  • maintaining and improving the tractor as an essential work tool,
  • providing training and help for the chainsaw operators,
  • connecting people to where some of their fuel supply comes from and the land around where they live,
  • keeping people active and fit,
  • providing finance to plant and maintain new trees,
  • providing regular income to Duneland  Ltd for the standing timber and to The Findhorn Hinterland Group for logs,
  • cutting down fuel miles by using a local resource,
  • encouraging the use of a fuel with one of the lowest carbon footprints and
  • supplying heat for peoples homes.
It is a very positive initiative and worthwhile supporting.


Do think about buying your wood from the Hinterland Group if you live at The Park.  Details can be found in the How To Order section.  If you are keen to get trained as one of the wood cutters get in touch.  Everyone can help by joining in the regular work parties loading the tractor, clearing brash and helping to stack wood for drying.  The latter is particularly important as dry wood produces much more heat for the same effort.

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