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A bee’s view of life at the Findhorn Apiary August 21

The previous report from the Findhorn Apiary was from my great aunt. She hatched last autumn and had the important role, along with about 10,000 of her sisters, of keeping the colony sustained through the winter. She had to help keep the colony warm and the queen fed ready for laying in the spring. Then […]

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National Honey Monitoring Scheme

The Findhorn Apiary participates in the National Honey Monitoring Scheme, which is important research making use of the foraging of honey bees to monitor environmental changes. We are delighted to be part of the Scheme. We receive interesting information about which plants our bees have been visiting, derived from DNA analysis of the honey. In […]

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A bee’s view of life at the Findhorn Apiary

I live at the Findhorn Apiary with my sisters and cousins. About 100,000 of us lived through last winter, in eight hives and were delighted that all eight colonies were healthy and ready for spring. In the autumn we had been given plenty of lovely thick sugar syrup to fill our combs, so we had […]

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