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FHT Biodiversity – Summer Discoveries

With the warmer than normal summer weather we’ve had here at Findhorn this year, it has been an unusual and different season for biodiversity, and especially insects, on the Hinterland area. For example, one of my main insect groups of interest – aphids – have been conspicuous largely by their absence. Only a few of […]

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Biodiversity Weekend Retreat with Alan Watson Featherstone 10-12 June

Enjoy this short video with Alan sharing about this uique retreat. To book your place please click here.

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The importance of dead wood in the forest

In much of our modern day world, the conventional view of dead wood is often that it is unsightly, untidy and a waste if it is left lying around in a woodland, and that it should be tidied up, taken away and used for some human purpose. Sadly, this reflects a lack of understanding of […]

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Storm Arwen – natural disturbance in action

On the night of Friday 26th-Saturday 27th November 2021, a major storm, called Storm Arwen by meteorologists, hit the east coast of Scotland with very strong winds of up to 90 mph. Unusually, the wind direction came from the northeast (most of the country’s stormy weather comes from the southwest) and this resulted in many […]

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Fungi on the Findhorn Hinterland

As part of our work to identify the biodiversity of the Findhorn Hinterland area we commissioned Liz Holden, Scotland’s leading mycologist, to carry out a survey of the fungi that are present on the site. She spent two days on the Hinterland in 2020, at the beginning of September and in mid-October, and then returned […]

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A Sense of Wonder

Magical Images from the Land Captured by Alan Watson-Featherstone Although the land that the Findhorn Hinterland Trust manages is relatively small in area, it is nevertheless rich in its biological diversity. In most cases this does not consist of large and charismatic species (our largest is the roe deer), but instead comprises many beautiful, and often brightly coloured […]

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Abundant berries on the Findhorn Hinterland

As anyone who walks out on the Hinterland area will have seen, there’s an abundance of berries there just now. The most obvious of these are the red berries on the rowan trees and the blackberries on the brambles (it’s a particularly good year for them). However, there are also other berries to be seen […]

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