Findhorn Fledglings – May 2023

It’s another Friday, 10am and all appears peaceful in the Findhorn Hinterland. Indeed, it is. Birdsong near and far. The subtle scurry of wildlife. Maybe the distant roar of a chainsaw too! Nevertheless something else pierces the forest sounds. Laughter. The pitta patta of tiny feet. Miniature work-men and work-women in self-led pre-training. The familiar cries of hide-and-seek we all know and love from days past. But what is this? The joyful blend of childlike utterings becoming closer and nearer as we move deeper and deeper into the forest…? Well, we eventually stumble upon the Findhorn Fledglings group. What a beautiful discovery! 

The Findhorn Fledglings are a loose mix of children and parents, many living in the Park or connected through the New Findhorn Association (NFA), that meet every Friday morning between 10am-12pm, come rain, shine, snow or storm. We have been meeting now for over 2 years in an informal ‘forest school’ format, as a way to bring children and parents together in connection and wholesome, nature-based activity. We gather at the firepit just beyond the Green Burial ground, always have a fire burning, and share stories, games, activities, play and conversation. 

The group size varies each week between, say, six children and parents in the depths of winter, to tens of us in the highest days of summer and school holidays. Children generally tend to be preschool age, between months old and 6/7 years. It’s beautiful to watch the children flourish in the natural environment of the wild forest, learning from each other, playing harmoniously (or perhaps not!), collecting firewood, listening intently to Peter Findley’s storytelling, and imaginatively interacting with the forest’s being.

The space is open for anyone to join, and for new parents especially the group acts as a natural segway into connecting with other community families in the Park and nearby. Parental socialising aside, the group also clearly acts as a way for the children to step into themselves as tiny budding beings, in a safe and supportive atmosphere that we are so very privileged to have on our doorstep. 

I can speak on behalf of all the parents and children when I say we deeply appreciate the Findhorn Hinterland Trust blessing our group to meet and wonder over the past years in this sacred corner of the forest they so dearly care for. Thank you. 

Contributed by Tom Feeney, proud parent, community member and Findhorn Fledging group member

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