FHT Summer Celebration – A Big Thank you to All That Made it Possible

So many people have come up to me to say how much they enjoyed this event that took place in the Green Burial space in Wilkies Wood on the 18th of June.  For some it was the ceilidh dancing under the marquee, which was the first bigger event like this for over two years.  For others it was listening to the Scottish music and the other contributions of music and dance that took place throughout the evening.  For yet others it was simply to be there to enjoy some food and drink and be sociable with each other in this beautiful outdoor setting.  Most of all, many liked simply to be able to gather again, play, relax and have fun together.  These things are essential in a happy, smoothly functioning community.

Thanks are due to the many that made this evening possible.  First of all let’s thank the Weather Gods – the forecast was for winds over 40 miles/ hour and rain later but the evening turned out cool but tolerable.  Next, a huge thank you to Chris Stepien and his four piece band that came from far and wide and played great music despite their hands freezing in the wind – next time woolly hats and gloves would be in order for a mid-summer event in Scotland!   Also thanks to all the other contributors of music and song; David Hammond, Carolin, Paddy, Steve Jewels, Hugh Andrews and… To Mohini who did a great job putting together strawberry shortcake for the 150 or so people who were there.  To the crew who erected the tents and particularly Katherina and Hans who helped put together the band staging lent by Jason Caddy.  Then there was George Paul who helped put up the fencing windbreak around the staging to keep the wind off the musicians, Kajedo our Land Manager who mowed the grass and heather plus clipped back tiny gorse plants with his secateurs to make a dance surface and started the fire on the day, Brian Johnstone who lent us his generator to power the music, Christine Lines and Will Russell who where there till 2am to help tidy up after the event, everyone for contributing some food and drink and …  There are many more too who I will have missed.  What I am trying to say is that it takes a whole community to put on a community event and I want to bless and recognise that sense of community that we have and consciously celebrate it.

I think it is also important to acknowledge that we have certain structures and organisations within our community that help build that important feeling of doing things together.  In particular there is the Phoenix Community Shop, which is a Community Interest Company.  A number of years ago it bought the marquees and tables we were using to promote community events as part of using profits to plough back into community development.  Then there is the Findhorn Hinterland Trust itself that has built up the facilities over the years to help with one of its purposes which is building a sense of local community – the open space in the middle of the woods which is the green burial ground, the beautiful gathering space that is the Woodland Shelter and now two compost loos.  

We have so much.  This is a time to recognise this, give thanks and hopefully find future ways we can come together, play and enjoy each other.


Jonathan Caddy

FHT Chair    



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