Findhorn Hinterland Trust – New Charity Formed 15th July 2015 –

Findhorn Hinterland Trust
New Charity Status for Conservation and Educational Work
On the Findhorn Peninsula

On the 15th of July, it was confirmed by the charity regulator OSCR that the new charity the Findhorn Hinterland Trust (FHT) had been legally set up as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO). This is good news for people living on the Findhorn peninsula and beyond as well as the area’s diverse local environment as it means that there is now a more permanent organisation to take forward the nine years of good work previously carried out by the community group, the Findhorn Hinterland Group (FHG).

The new trust will have a similar remit to that of the previous group although this is now stated more formally as the trusts charitable purposes. The four charitable purposes are; the advancement of environmental protection and improvement with particular reference to the habitats of the Findhorn peninsula; the education of the local community and wider public especially related to outdoor and environmental opportunities provided by the Findhorn peninsula habitats and environs; the advancement of community development by encouraging community cooperation, development and resilience through activities related to land on the Findhorn peninsula and its management and; the provision of recreational facilities and activities with the object of improving the conditions of life for the local people in West Moray and beyond. The trust will be more publicly accountable than the community group as well as have the opportunity of more grants being available as well as donations now being able to benefit from gift aid.

The new structure for the group will be two-tier with a board of up to twelve trustees and a formal group of members who regulate the trusts work. To ensure as wide a representation of local opinions and concerns as possible, membership from all sectors of the community will be sought and a portion of the trustees can be nominated by local organisations such as the Findhorn and Kinloss Community Council, the Findhorn Dunes Trust and the Findhorn Village Conservation Company.

As with the community group, the trust will not own any land but seek to work with local landowners to help with integrated management of our special and nationally important local environment. Formal agreements and possible long-term leases will be sought from the Findhorn Foundation and Duneland Ltd with less formal working agreements with other land owners such as the Findhorn Dunes Trust and eventually it is hoped with the Findhorn Village Conservation Company. A lease for part of the Wilkies Wood will be particularly important to secure the use of the green burial site into the future; the charity regulator has included this activity in the trusts work and it is hoped to continue to obtain some income in this way for the trusts future activities.

The Findhorn Hinterland Trust will also seek to encourage more people to get out and enjoy and learn more about the special environment in their backyard as well as organising opportunities to get together to care for and give back to the area. It is intended to continue with the successful monthly work parties that the Findhorn Hinterland Group set up over seven years ago and which have resulted in clear walking paths, newly planted woodland areas, nationally important lichen areas being conserved, bird boxes erected, new wildlife ponds being installed, an experimental woodland garden being set up, a woodland shelter for community events being built etc etc.

One of the first steps the trust will take in the following months is to go out to the general public to find out how they want to see the area looked after. This public consultation will include sharing information about the peninsula’s diverse habitats and non-human residents etc. From this vision and remit it is hoped that a new management document to guide the trust’s work will be produced. It is intended to do this in collaboration with the Findhorn Dunes Trust, the Findhorn Foundation and Duneland Ltd as landowners. Until this happens, do consider joining as a new member by requesting a form from our Membership Secretary at [email protected] or picking up one from the Findhorn Village Centre or the General Office at The Park. If you would like to become a trustee, please contact me directly.
Jonathan Caddy, Convenor, Findhorn Hinterland Group
Tel: 01309691877 Email: [email protected]

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