Sunday Slot – Lichens of Findhorn Peninsula & More

Sunday Slot Presentation about Lichens of the Findhorn Peninsula and More

by Heather Paul and Jonathan Caddy

Sunday 27th October 12.30pm to 2.00pm

Venue: Upper meeting room Community Centre, The Park (TBC)


The Findhorn Hinterland Group (FHG), an active local community organisation involved with conservation and education issues on the Findhorn Peninsula, has arranged a number of informative talks this year about our local area and the positive work of its members.

This Sunday it will be the turn of Heather Paul, a member of the NFA and FHG, who has a specialist knowledge and fascination with lichens.  She will inform us about the rare assemblage of lichens of the Findhorn area some of which are of national importance as well as others that live everywhere; in our gardens, on our houses and in our woods and dunes. She will bring to our awareness, through slides and discussion, these beautiful and intricate organisms that are mini-ecosystems that give colour and shape to the world and that are used by birds and insects to build nests, for camouflage and for food and by people to dye cloth, fix perfume, as indicators of unpolluted air and to make medicine.  She will bring alive a part of our living world that many of you will hardly have noticed because of their small size but which are of great importance for us as we try to preserve the biodiversity of our local area and learn more about the living things we live alongside.  Come along and be intrigued and inspired!


If time allows, Jonathan Caddy, Convenor of the FHG will discuss the future development of the Findhorn Hinterland Group; how it sees itself working with new landowners including the Findhorn Foundation; what directions it sees its work going in as it puts together its next five year management plan; what projects it wishes to land over the next few years and what it can offer local people like you.  At this time, the group would especially appreciate ideas from you that could be included in the next management document to make the land an even more valued asset to the local community.

Jonathan Caddy

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